Canary Islands Sand Sculptures

The best places to see sand sculptures on Gran Canaria are on Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas, Mogan beach and often Puerto Rico beach too.



Some of these things go way beyond sand castle building and feature flashing eyes and other accessories. I went to a marine-themed exhibition in Mogán last year and was very impressed! How long the sand sculptures last depends on which beach they are on and whether they are for a public exhibition or just for fun. When the Canarians descend upon the South from Las Palmas at the weekends, you can usually expect them to be trampled by kids! But no problem, new ones will spring up in their place the following week.

Me at Sand Sculpture

 There are usually different sculptures every couple of days at Puerto Rico beach. The man who makes them also owns a dog with four puppies which sit on the beach wall all day so I assume any donations go towards them.



 There is no shortage of sand to use here, so pretty much anyone can have a go! Be warned though, it isn’t as easy as it looks. My limit is a sand castle with a moat around it and a few seashells stuck on top!



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