Windsurfing Championships in Gran Canaria

Every July the world’s best windsurfers take to the water for the latest round of the World Windsurfing Pro Tour. The Grand Slam features competitions in race, wave and freestyle winsurfing styles. This competition is at the beginning of July every year and is located in the southwest, between San Bartolomé and Agüimes. The 2008 competition was in Pozo Izquierdo.


red windsurf
Photo By OverPose

For more information, you can look at the PWA (professional winsurfer’ association) website –

Photo By Crissi

The rules of the windsurfing race are similar to sailing rules with the competitors trying to beat each other following a set course. The first to get across the line is the winner. Freestyle is a little more relaxed with the competitors performing tricks while in the sea. Wave is interesting to watch because the windsurfers jump off waves and perform tricks at top speed and extreme heights.


You can learn to windsurf yourself here because there are windsurfing schools, sailing schools and even a surfing school in the south of the island.


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