What’s it Like in Gran Canaria Right Now?

Right now is a pretty good time to visit Gran Canaria. If I was a tourist this is the time I would choose anyway! 😉


Why? Well, actually for two reasons. First of all it is very warm (30ºC in the daytimes and about 24ºC at night) without being too hot like in July or August. Secondly, there are so few tourists here!

The Pool at Haiti Apartments - Strangely Deserted

Haiti Apartments - Strangely Deserted

Whether that is to do with the exchange rate (it’s on the way up though!), the credit crunch or time time of year (probably a combination) it is a good time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds.

A last minute holiday to Gran Canaria is a good idea at the moment because you won’t have to queue for anything, the prices are competitively cheap for everything from car hire in Gran Canaria to fishing trip prices 😀


Anfi del Mar

There aren’t enough tourists to go around at the moment so why not see if you can find a bargain last minute package holiday before the madness of July and August begins! 😮


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