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Marina Suites Review

The Marina Suites are in a perfect location near the beach, shops, and bars and this hotel is also on the flat ground, which is a bonus in Puerto Rico, since a lot of hotels are halfway up the cliff… (READ MORE)

Playa de Gui Gui

During my time working in Puerto Escala, I lost count of the times people asked me how to get to Gui Gui beach (pronounced weewee beach). This beach is reputed to be one of the prettiest on the whole island… (READ MORE)

Relocating to Gran Canaria

I recently received a message from Patricia, who is wondering about moving to La Higuerita and who asked me about the place and the cost of living. Thanks for your most recent message, Patricia – I’ll post it on here… (READ MORE)

About Me

Hi folks!! My name is Victoria and I moved to sunny Gran Canaria almost 10 years ago. Wow, doesn’t time fly! I started off writing some tips about moving here for a friend that was thinking along the same lines… (READ MORE)

The 3 Worst Things About Gran Canaria

You might think that living in Gran Canaria is like living in paradise but it isn’t actually that different from anywhere else apart from the sun! With all the questions about which are the best resorts in Gran Canaria you… (READ MORE)

Where to Go for New Year in Gran Canaria

Well, Christmas in Gran Canaria was lots of fun. OK, not so much fun for me because I was working but we did as the Canarians do and had our Christmas dinner on 24th December rather than on Christmas day… (READ MORE)