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Hi folks!! My name is Victoria and I moved to sunny Gran Canaria almost 10 years ago. Wow, doesn’t time fly!



I started off writing some tips about moving here for a friend that was thinking along the same lines and thought… why not make a website about my experiences to help others who want to visit? So… here it is!

Before moving over, I had been working in an office in London but I really fancied a change. I had no ties and thought why not go for it? I had always wanted to live somewhere sunny so I took a risk. I handed my notice in at work, sold most of my possessions, said tearful goodbyes to my friends (whom I suspected would be out to visit me soon!) and boarded the plane.

I can honestly say I have never looked back. Gran Canaria is an awesome place to either live or visit. I started out being a waitress and it was a disaster! I had never waitressed in my life and can hardly carry a tray! I went through about 20 waitressing and bar jobs in a couple of months then decided to try my luck elsewhere. I made CDs for DJs in the bars and big clubs and after a while I thought… well, if I know what they want to play, why am I not DJing myself?

The fact that I would be one of the first female DJs on the islands was not off-putting. I just saw it as a challenge. I taught myself to DJ by offering my services for free in one of the big disco bars. I was pretty useless to start and it took a week to summon up the courage to say “er… h-hello” on the microphone but after 2 weeks I was more comfortable. My DJing career lasted a couple of years before I got fed up with spinning the decks until 7am, then sleeping all day and missing out on all the glorious sun!

I now work as a freelance writer and my life is great. In my spare time, I scuba dive, go sea fishing, lie on the beach and explore the island. I also sell sea fishing trips (so you know who to ask for advice!)

Gran Canaria is known as ‘the miniature continent’ because you can find plenty here – lakes, mountains, beaches and even a pine forest. The weather is generally warm and sunny with clear blue, cloudless skies. There are hundreds of great places to visit, regardless of your age and interests, and many people return to Gran Canaria year after year because they fell in love with it on their first visit.

Whether your idea of a good holiday is visiting the country vineyards and sampling homemade wine, horse riding and parascending, dancing the night away in the discos or just relaxing and enjoying the many beaches and sights, Gran Canaria has something for everyone.

Hope you enjoy the blog! Feel free to ask any questions about Gran Canaria – I’ll move them if they’re in the wrong place 🙂

All the best,


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  1. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Lorraine, sorry for the delay replying, I’ve been on holiday. Have a look at this website: http://www.britishmedicalclinic.com/ This is the clinic I use (and most other Brits on the island). Email them at [email protected] and Dr Paul or Nurse Mary will get back to you and let you know how it works. I usually pay per visit or if I go to a Spanish hospital it’s free because I’m a resident but I’m not sure about OAP costs. Email the clinic though and they will reply. Good luck.

  2. louise

    hi victoria wondered if you can help me out i have been looking everywhere on the net for self storage in gran canaria any ideas

  3. Victoria

    Try http://www.rent-box.es/ That’s the only one I can find. Victoria

  4. Diane

    Hi Victoria, fab website….I’ve just booked flights for a month to gran canaria….we are a couple, mid 30’s with a baby, travelling mid dec to mid jan. What advice would you give for best resorts to stay in….was thinking maybe a week in las palmas, 2 in playa del ingles then a week somewhere else…..would like to see some of the culture and traditional life of the locals while there, but not be in the back of beyond while doing it…any suggestions?I really don’t know where to start with this. Many thanks for your help in advance


  5. David

    Hi Victoria, saw your web by coincidence … just want to say is great. I am from Gran Canaria. Keep the good work!

  6. Rosanne

    Hi Victoria, love your site. My girlfriend and I own a house in SW France, but it is too cold in the winter, been living in Florida for 20 years. Need a place in Spain for part of the year. I will hold onto your site. Love that you are a DJ since I moved over 3,000 records from New York to my cave in France and set up a system. We have things in common.

  7. megan

    Hi vic this is very helpfull im 24 years old and live in donegal ireland its so cold and i am mad to move to gran canaria iv been there loads , im heading over in august for week so who knows i might even look for job and not get on flight home lol wishfull thinking . 🙂 but stranger things have happened 🙂

  8. Nell Maloney

    Hi I was looking at what is needed to move my cats to Las Palmas and came across your site. It is really helpful. I am getting married soon and then we are moving to Las Palmas at the end of the year. Slightly nervous as Ive lived in the UK all my life but I am excited. So much to do and find out, schools for my children and whether or not to bring my two cats. Any advice will be hugely appreciated. Nell

  9. International Removals

    Great site, very informative.

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