Canarian Cheese

If you like Canarian cooking you will probably like Canarian cheese too. There are lots of varieties ranging from the softest goat cheese to the ripest, hardest cured cheese. Canarian cheese is bursting with flavor, whichever variety you try.


Canarians enjoy their cheese with cured ham and locally grown olives (and of course a glass of vino!)

Photo by Manel

Photo by Manel

You can also make recipes with Canarian cheese, like yummy Canary cheese tarts which uses cheese from the Canarian island of El Hierro.

Ingenio Cheese Awards & 2009 World Cheese Awards

The VIII cheese tasting contest was held last week in Ingenio and the 2009 World Cheese Awards Congress and Festival is going to be held on Gran Canaria in September/October so if you’re a cheese lover, watch this space!


You can find out more about the 2009 World cheese awards here.



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  2. Randi

    Have you ever tasted Queso de Flor? Fantastic cheese! The cheese is handmade with sheep and cows’ milk mixed with the juice of the thistle-like flowers that grow on the isalnds.

  3. Victoria (Post author)

    Yes! I love that cheese. You can get it in Netto or Spar. If you chill it (maybe in the freezer compartment for an hour) then wrap it in newspaper, you can take it home too. We did that when bringing some Stilton back from the Netherlands and it was fine. A bit mouldy but – hey it was like that to begin with… 😉

  4. Hey Victoria!:)
    That looks delicious, too bad I don’t eat cheese these days;)

    Hey, I tried to go to your “About” page but didn’t work.. I wanted to email you a question. I was wondering if you know any taxi phone number in Playa del Ingles? I tried to google this, but didn’t find anything. Is it easy to get a cab over there? Where are “most” of them situated? Are there always cabs outside the bigger hotels?

    Thanks in advanced for any reply!

  5. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Leo, the phone number for taxis in Playa del Inglés is +34 620866244. It is pretty easy to flag down a taxi most of the time and the basic fare is 2.05 euros when you get in. If you are in a bigger hotel, you can get the receptionist to phone a taxi for you. Else, there are lots of taxi ranks all over the tourist areas in Gran Canaria.

    Hope this helps!

    Victoria 🙂

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    I wrote down the number! THANKS!!
    I’m travelling tomorrow, can’t belive I’ve post-poned all the research to the night before! o_O
    Thanks for your quick reply!!! 😀

  7. Randi

    Hi Victoria

    As Leo wrote, there is something wrong with the “About”. I can’t remember it as OK since I started visiting this site. If you the owner of this site I think you should fix it. If you’re not, I hope the owner will fix it. A proper site should have a contact address, not only place for comments.

  8. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Randi, yes I know. It used to work! Now it works again 😉

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