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Guayadeque Caves, Gran Canaria

A lot of people like to visit the Guayadeque Caves in Gran Canaria and I went with my parents when they visited me in Gran Canaria a couple years back. That’s me on the right: In Guayadeque there are cave… (READ MORE)

Afrikat Catamaran Trip

Boat trips in Gran Canaria are something that appeals to all ages. You can choose from fishing trips, dolphin-watching trips, glass-bottom boat trips or even a wonderful catamaran cruise. One of the most popular boat trips in Gran Canaria is… (READ MORE)

Scuba Diving Information

Whether you are new to scuba diving or a keen diver, Gran Canaria can be an enjoyable place to dive. The water temperature is about 18C in the winter and 25C in the summer, so you will need a 7mm… (READ MORE)


This Canarian village is located in the central west area of the island. The population is under 1500 and a lot of the municipality is covered by mountains. There are also forests, valleys, farmlands and green spaces. Pinar de Tamadaba,… (READ MORE)


Tejeda, which is in the west central part of Gran Canaria, is quite small. There is a primary school, some churches and a post office, as well as some squares, but the population is only about two thousand. The Cruz… (READ MORE)

Santa Brigida

Santa Brigida, which is the third smallest town in Gran Canaria after Firgas and Valleseco, is in the northeast of the island. Pay a visit to the Bandama Caldera if you’re in the region. This volcanic crater is a national… (READ MORE)