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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Whether you’re staying in Puerto Rico, Amadores or Playa del Inglés, it’s easy to get to Las Palmas and there is a lot to see, including museums, galleries and other attractions (oh, and lots of shops and bars!!) Many of… (READ MORE)


November is slightly cooler than October but you can see packed beaches every month in Gran Canaria so it is hardly ‘cold’! Daytime temperatures range from 20ºC to 26ºC in November. You might get a couple of overcast days or… (READ MORE)

2013 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

You are not likely to get bored in Gran Canaria because of all the different parties, fiestas and events taking place throughout the year. Nothing is “weather dependent” in Gran Canaria, like it is at home, because the weather is… (READ MORE)

2012 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

When planning a holiday in Gran Canaria, it is nice to know what is going on when you arrive. Gran Canaria features all kinds of fiestas, festivals, parades, public holidays and celebrations, as you an see in the following table…. (READ MORE)

2011 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

There is usually something entertaining going on and, if you are visiting Gran Canaria on holiday, you will want to know what events and festivals are going to coincide with your trip. The weather and climate are also important but… (READ MORE)

2010 Gran Canaria Festival Calendar

There is always something going on in Gran Canaria and, if you are coming on holiday, you will want to know what events and festivals coincide with your stay. Some of the fiestas are a bit of a pain for… (READ MORE)