Beaches of Gran Canaria

Playa de Puerto Rico

If you’re staying in Puerto Rico you’ll be pleased with the beach. Puerto Rico beach, or Playa de Puerto Rico as it’s known in Spanish, isn’t the biggest beach on the island but it’s never too packed to lay your… (READ MORE)

Playa Taurito

Playa Taurito is a narrow valley with native sand. The area, which is also called Lago Taurito Oasis, is lined with hotels. This resort is suitable for nightlife lovers, since it’s only a short bus ride or cab ride to… (READ MORE)

Playa de la Alcaravaneras

If you are staying in Las Palmas then Playa de la Alcaravaneras is a very close beach. Situated in the northeast of Gran Canaria, Playa de la Alcaravaneras has calm water and golden sands. There are cafes, restaurants and bars… (READ MORE)

Amadores Beach

Just a 15 minute walk from Puerto Escala, Amadores (which literally means “The Lovers”) is a great beach to visit. The beach itself is bigger than the one in Puerto Rico and has plenty of shops, bars and restaurants behind…. (READ MORE)