International Theatre Festival of Three Continents

If you are visiting Gran Canaria in September, the International Festival of 3 Continents (Encuentro Teatral Tres Continentes) is a great fiesta. This festival is held in Aguimes and there are performances by European, Latin American and African groups. This… (READ MORE)


Christmas (Navidad) in Gran Canaria is interesting because it’s very different to being at home! The Canarians eat their traditional dinner on the evening of 24th December and 25th is a bank holiday here. There are plenty of places if… (READ MORE)

Dia de Santa Lucia (Saint Lucia Day)

Día de Santa Lucia is St Lucia Day and is held on December 13th every year. It is a Swedish festival which is a mixture of Scandinavian and Canarian traditions. Santa Lucia was a martyr who died on December 13th… (READ MORE)

Fiesta del Charco (Festival of the Lagoon)

This fiesta takes place in Puerto de la Aldea, which is in San Nicolás del Torentino, between 7 and 11 September every year. In English, it is “Festival of the Lagoon”. The lagoon was created when the sea waves merged… (READ MORE)


The Gran Canaria carnival is a brilliant time on Gran Canaria. It’s a lot of fun and there’s a great atmosphere.  Some revellers take part at the very beginning of the carnival, in whichever town it starts, and follow it… (READ MORE)

Bajada de la Rama

Even though we have recently had some bad forest fires on Gran Canaria recently, Bajada de la Rama (or ‘Bringing Down the Branches’) went ahead anyway – without the branches! The Mayor suggested using green hankies instead. This year’s festival was also a… (READ MORE)

Forest Fires

You might have heard in the news that the Canary Islands (especially Gran Canaria and La Gomera) have suffered some bad forest fires recently! What made it so awful was that we had temperatures of 50ºC and high winds so… (READ MORE)

Events 2007

There is always lots going on in Gran Canaria, whether it is a Saint’s Day accompanied by a procession, a local fiesta with music and dancing or a sporting or musical event. No matter which month you choose for your… (READ MORE)


How do you fancy eating Christmas dinner on the beach and spending New Year al fresco at a bar? You can easily do that here in Gran Canaria because, even though December is cooler than the summer months, you can… (READ MORE)


November is slightly cooler than October but you can see packed beaches every month in Gran Canaria so it is hardly ‘cold’! Daytime temperatures range from 20ºC to 26ºC in November. You might get a couple of overcast days or… (READ MORE)