October is warm and approaching the end of what we residents call summer. I know it is hot all year in Gran Canaria but we do like to define some kind of seasons! The day temperatures in October can range… (READ MORE)


September is slightly cooler than August but still hot – over 25ºC anyway! It is quite a busy month, tourist-wise, and you are still pretty much guaranteed clear skies and constant sun. The evenings are still warm in September and… (READ MORE)


August is the hottest month of the year. If you want it slightly cooler (but not much!) try July or September. Temperatures range from 25º to 40ºC in the daytime and every day is hot and sunny. August is also… (READ MORE)


The sun doesn’t set until about 10.30pm in July so be prepared for long, hazy days. July can have temperatures of up to 38ºC so make sure you bring plenty of sun cream. (It’s cheaper bringing it from home!) As… (READ MORE)


The temperatures in June can range from 20ºC to 35ºC so if you plan to come in the summer, you’d better like it hot! The Atlantic is about 10ºC colder than the Med so you can have a refreshing dip… (READ MORE)

May Weather

May is a great time to visit. Most tourists tend to come in July and August so it is still relatively quiet. You are practically guaranteed long, sunny days every day of your holiday in May. If you do get… (READ MORE)


April is the start of our summer season. Although the weather is warm all year, the summer is hot hot hot! If you are coming over between April and October, bring some Factor 15 at least! It is still possible… (READ MORE)


March is slightly warmer than February and the sun rises earlier and sets later. There is something really magical about enjoying a sangria whilst watching the sun set over the dunes of Maspalomas! You will probably still need a lightweight… (READ MORE)


February is probably our coolest month of the year. You can expect sunny days and cool evenings (bring a light jacket!) Hurricane Delta paid us a visit in 2006 which was an experience, but don’t worry – that was a… (READ MORE)

Weather and Climate

The weather in Gran Canaria is generally warm and sunny but there are a few exceptions! The weather in the north can vary from the south but usually just by a few degrees.  Today’s Weather – Links  If you want to… (READ MORE)