This is a photo a friend took in Melenara (near Telde) – As you can tell, he’s seen better days! Melenara is quite a small place and although the locals use the beach there (especially those who live in Telde,… (READ MORE)

New English Cinema in Meloneras

There is a new cinema in Meloneras called Moonlight Cinema. This cinema is found in the Oasis Shopping Center and it is an open-air cinema. There is comfortable sofa seating and you can order food or drinks to enjoy with… (READ MORE)

Maspalomas Lighthouse Museum Plans

Maspalomas Lighthouse is going to be converted into an Ethnography museum later in 2012, and it will cost around 400,000 euros. This project is part of the plans for World Tourism Day which will be held later this year in… (READ MORE)

What is the Time in Gran Canaria?

Although Gran Canaria is just off the coast of Morocco, North Africa, and part of Europe (well, in some ways), you might be surprised that the time in Gran Canaria is the same as GMT. This means it is the… (READ MORE)

Smoking Banned at Playa del Mogan

A new law has been passed prohibiting smoking on one of Gran Canaria’s favorite beaches, Playa del Mogan. This is largely because of the dog-ends that smokers carelessly flick into the sand when they’ve finished smoking. I might be in… (READ MORE)

Early Winter Holiday Booking on the Rise

How far in advance do you book your holiday? A few weeks, a few months or even a whole year ahead like some people are doing right now? The growing demand for Gran Canaria holiday bookings for the rest of… (READ MORE)

Bruce Springsteen in Concert

Bruce Springsteen fans, listen up – Bruce is coming to Gran Canaria! 😀 Although the date hasn’t been finalised yet (few things in Gran Canaria ever are!) it is believed to be May 15th, 2012. The other venues and dates… (READ MORE)

Donating to Charity in Gran Canaria

I recently received an email asking whether there was anywhere to donate unwanted clothing or goods. It’s a common enough situation, especially if you have kids who grow up quick, but it seems a waste to throw their too-small clothes… (READ MORE)

Presa Canaria Dogs

You might have seen this article in the news recently but what is a Presa Canaria exactly? This dog is what the Canary Islands were named after. The Presa Canaria has a big square head which is the same width… (READ MORE)