New English Cinema in Meloneras

There is a new cinema in Meloneras called Moonlight Cinema. This cinema is found in the Oasis Shopping Center and it is an open-air cinema.


There is comfortable sofa seating and you can order food or drinks to enjoy with your film, including wood-fired pizza and cocktails.Because the cinema is open-air you can also smoke there.

There are 2 films a day, both in English, or you can listen to other languages including German or Spanish on the headphones provided.

The 7pm film is usually something child-friendly and then at 9pm there are other box-office hits.

Photo by GranCanariaGo

Here is a list of what is currently showing at Moonlight Cinema Meloneras. You should take a sweater or jacket with you because it can be a bit breezy outside the summer months.


Have you been to the Moonlight Cinema in Meloneras? If so, what did you think of it?



  1. Debs

    It is fantastic ! They provide you with blankets to snuggle under, and they now have heaters ! They also do the most amazing childrens Birthday Parties ! Try it you will LOVE it !

  2. Debs

    They are having a Fancy Dress Carnival Party with a D.J. Saturday 25 February 7.30 pm. Adults 7 euros includes a free drink, Children FREE !!! and you will receive a voucher to see a movie during March for half price !

  3. Victoria (Post author)

    Sounds brilliant, Debs

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