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The 3 Best Things About Gran Canaria

If you saw the post The 3 Worst Things About Gran Canaria you might be thinking it’s all doom and gloom here. But you’d be wrong! The Canary Islands, and Gran Canaria in particular, have plenty to offer and I… (READ MORE)

The 3 Worst Things About Gran Canaria

You might think that living in Gran Canaria is like living in paradise but it isn’t actually that different from anywhere else apart from the sun! With all the questions about which are the best resorts in Gran Canaria you… (READ MORE)

Dolphin Trips in Gran Canaria

I did a dolphin trip last week when my family was over and it was really good so I thought I’d share it with you! You can book dolphin trips in Puerto Escala (Puerto Rico) – just ask for Kevin… (READ MORE)

Things to Do if it isn’t Sunny!

Well sometimes the sun doesn’t shine here and occasionally (very occasionally!) you might get some rain! June, July, August are pretty much guaranteed to be hot and sunny but in the winter months (December, January and February) it might not… (READ MORE)

Pio Pio Bar

Pio Pio is a beach bar on Tauro beach, which is one of the few natural beaches that remain in Gran Canaria. This beach is a short walk (maybe 20 minutes) from the lively resort of Puerto Rico and can… (READ MORE)

7 Things to Do in Maspalomas

Maspalomas is the oldest of all the tourist resorts on the island of Gran Canaria and is the ideal place to stay regardless of your budget. There is a vibrant, party feel throughout at night, although during the day it… (READ MORE)

37C in the Shade

Just to let you know (perhaps make you jealous if you’re elsewhere) that it’s 37C in the shade today, so if you are in Gran Canaria, please make sure you use plenty of suncream and drink lots of water! The… (READ MORE)

Boston Apartments Review

The Boston apartments are located in the family-friendly resort of Puerto Rico, directly across from the main shopping centre. The rooms in the complex are clean and comfortable, with a well-equipped kitchen area. There is a main swimming pool in… (READ MORE)

Liberty Boat Blaze in Puerto Rico

I recently heard the sad news about what happened to the Liberty boat in Puerto Rico. I used to sell tickets for one of the neighbouring boats but not that one. The Liberty was a pleasure boat which took tourists… (READ MORE)


Garldar used to be the centre of the Guanche civilisation in Gran Canaria, so there are lots of archaeological ruins there. The Spanish took over from the Guanches in 1484 and the name Galdar comes from the word “Agaldar”, meaning… (READ MORE)