Liberty Boat Blaze in Puerto Rico

I recently heard the sad news about what happened to the Liberty boat in Puerto Rico. I used to sell tickets for one of the neighbouring boats but not that one. The Liberty was a pleasure boat which took tourists out for a day of sun, swimming, dolphin-spotting and relaxation, but all was not relaxing last week.


A short circuit caused a fire in the engine room which spread throughout the boat in a shockingly short amount of time. The boat then burst into flames and soon capsized five miles out 🙁


There were 27 people on board (2 crew and 25 tourists) and 5 of them were hurt when they jumped into a life raft. Others needed treatment for hypothermia, smoke inhalation and shock. The Liberty sank within 5 minutes and it’s really lucky nobody was seriously injured. Here you can see a video recorded by someone on a nearby boat.

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