I used to live in Tauro so I know it quite well. Tauro is located behind Playa del Amadores and you can stay there if you want somewhere quieter than Playa del Ingles or Puerto Rico. Tauro is peaceful and quiet and it offers first-class golfing facilities.


Golf in Tauro

You can choose from a 9 or 18 hole course, each with green areas and artificial lakes. Golf is possible all year round in Gran Canaria although the prices go up in the winter because it’s one of the only places you can be guaranteed of fine golfing weather in the coldest months of the year (at least, cold in other places).

Anfi Tauro

As well as the golf, Tauro is home to one of the Anfi resorts. This timeshare company rents out villas and apartments, as well as selling them, and if you do not want to stay in the main Anfi del Mar resort near Arguineguin you might prefer Tauro.

Tauro gets very hot in the summer, especially during July and August, so make sure you pick somewhere with a pool. Some people liken Tauro to one big dust bowl because it can be hot and dusty. There also seem to be more flies and mosquitoes in this area too. Laying in our backyard used to drive me mad because another fly would land on me every 10 seconds.

Shops and Bars

There is a Spar supermarket in Tauro and a few small cafes and bars. You can walk to Amadores Beach in 20 minutes or Puerto Rico in 25. You can drive to either in 5 minutes.

Tauro Facilities


Tauro has a beach and there are plans for redevelopment because it is very basic. There are also plans for luxury apartments and a harbour although nothing has happened yet with regard to this.



  1. kk

    Friday, 23 December 2011.
    Hi Victoria, I am a little shocked and hurt at the same time to hear in such a random way that Antonnio has relinquished the beach at Tauro to the developers he more than most knows the secret of Tauro and Little Taurito, and no more than a few others who stayed on this camp site whilst others where in the Caves of Mattlah with Jonni Mitchel on the Greek Islands missed it all. I played backgammon with a young kid called Clinton and his friends whose family owned the New York Herald, on the beach below the tomato plantation further along the coast towards the light house.
    Most of us witnessed the real ‘Spiritual Nature’ of Tauro and for the most part the secret has remained just that for 50 years.
    I was there the day it happened, when a young American walked back into camp after ten days of everyone looking for him completely unaware he had lost 10 days, by this time his parents had flown over and remarked on the unusual markings on his hands and side at the time we never thought to look at his feet he was whisked away immediatly. Really they say it’s a military site and cannot be developed but in reality it is the Lourdes in France you expect to find but do not when you arrive.
    Trust me this is a spiritual site and should be treated with that respect, don’t take my word for it ask the young woman that used to run the beach café what happened to the other two Americans that showered together and the one that was pronounced dead by the German doctor on the site… If what followed is not the closest thing to a miracle I do not know what is he left that site a few days later without a blemish on him after that terrible beating.And the Civil Guard whose child that chocked on bread and how that plug flew out of her, they had given up pounding her back and then it just came out almost by itself and many other unexplained instances. Ask Antonnio about the night of the storm in 74 and those camping in the Baranca that where washed out to sea and miraculously where in the rocks the next morning in the nets, children and all. Please, do not encourage the developers as the locals say the Islands good will amongst its foreign friends is its good fortune ,when the beach spirit at Tauro goes so does the Islands Wealth.
    I just mention this in passing because I have my own unusual happening but it would not sound right in words after all of these years and I pray as often as the next man so it’s not the religious factor but trust me you live I assume in a sacred spot, a word of advice, look after it.

  2. Finn

    very interesting piece of info here as i wasntending purchasing property in taurito
    now not so sure
    please keep me updated

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