Things to Do if it isn’t Sunny!

Well sometimes the sun doesn’t shine here and occasionally (very occasionally!) you might get some rain! June, July, August are pretty much guaranteed to be hot and sunny but in the winter months (December, January and February) it might not be so hot.


When it isn’t sunny in Gran Canaria, there is still plenty to do (unless you like sitting in a pub waiting for the sun to come out!)

If you’re in Las Palmas, you might like to have a look in some of the many museums and galleries. Las Palmas, the capital, is interesting to look around. You can see the real Canarian architecture instead of the hotel complexes in the South.

Las Palmas Building
Photo By Xosé Castro

The Cathedral is interesting – very gothic. The Barrio de la Vegueta is an interesting part of town too – there are lots of manorial houses. Try the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Atlantic Centre for Modern Art) for a good collection of contemporary art.

The Museo Canario (Canarian Museum) is worth a visit. You can find out about the Guanches (original inhabitants of Gran Canaria).

In the stunning gardens of Doramas Park, you can visit the Pueblo Canario (Canarian Town) which shows the island’s typical architecture and every Thursday and Sunday there are folklore performances.

It’s easy to get a bus to Las Palmas from anywhere on the island and a cab to your final destination isn’t likely to be more than a couple euros.

The Jardin Canario (Canarian Garden) is 5 miles outside Las Palmas and you can see over 500 species of Canarian plants.

Jardin Canario
Photo By Rol1000

Of course, you might not want to leave the South and go off exploring. How about a game of mini golf (there are about 5 mini golf courses in Puerto Rico alone!) or visit Puerto Escala to do a dolphin-spotting boat trip? Sunbathing on the beach is a lot of fun but there is plenty more to do here too!


Just to prove the sun doesn’t always shine, here is a photo I took yesterday!!

Rainbow over PR

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