Fiesta del Almendro en Flor

Fiesta del Almendro en Flor is a festival to honour the almond blossoming. This event, which takes place in February each year, marks the beginning of spring. Tejeda and Valsequillo are renowned for their almond trees and thousands of locals and tourists come together to celebrate this popular gathering.  Almond trees are beautiful in flower and you know what the Canarians are like… any excuse for a party!


Almond Tree
Photo By Alebo

Celebrated on a large scale in the towns of Valsequillo and Tejeda, this festival gives you the perfect chance to sample the local produce, such as locally made almond wines and sweets. You can also enjoy classic folk singing and dancing. There are also gastronomic exhibitions with local farmers proudly displaying their produce… and more “tasting” opportunities! You can find bienmesabe (literally translates “how good it tastes to me”) and locally produced marzipan too.

Photo By C0ffeebreak


There are poetry readings (in Spanish) and plenty of folklore shows, including acting, dancing and song. Last year there was an art show and sport exhibition too. Since thousands of people attend each year, there is always plenty to do and see (and taste!)

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