Día de las Islas Canarias (Canary Islands’ Day)

Canary Islands’ Day is celebrated on May 30th every year.  The government, 87 municipalities and town councils all take part in the organisation of a great festival celebrating the islands – how they were and how they are now.


If you plan to be here for Canary Islands Day 2008, you can expect to enjoy traditional plays, traditional food tasting, folk music, dancing to a Canarian orchestra and a demonstration of traditional Canarian sports, such as stick-fighting and Lucha Canaria (a type of wrestling).

Canary Day
Photo By Secret Tenerife

There is plenty of canarian cooking and drink around for you to try and the festivities take place all over the island, from Puerto Rico right up to Las Palmas, but most happens in Las Palmas, the capital, so it might be worth taking a trip up there.

Lucha Canaria is interesting, if you can get to see it. It’s like a cross between sumo wrestling and judo. And the stick-fighting is as you would expect – men fighting with sticks!

Lucha Canaria
Photo By Secret Tenerife


If you want a real taste of popular culture, Día de las Islas Canarias 2008 is a great way to enjoy it! And May tends to be hot and rain-free (well, so does most of the year) so it’s a good time to take a break before the hordes of summer tourists descend on the place – and you can get to see how to Canarians let their hair down and celebrate their island!



  1. Rafael Rosa

    We’re looking for ancestors! Family name is Rosa and our people (as far as we can find official records of) are from a town in Puerto Rico many of whose original inhabitants came from the Canary Islands. Some family lore says our folks are from Llanes, in Asturia, Spain. We don’t know. Trouble is, so far we haven’t been able to link with any Rosa family in either Canary Islands or Spain. Question, is the Rosa surname common in the Canaries? Thanks…

  2. Victoria

    Hi. I don’t know anyone here called Rosa here but I think Rosa as a Spanish surname was shortened a few generations ago from de la Rosa so maybe you should look for that one too. You can try http://boards.ancestry.com/surnames.rosa/15/mb.ashx and http://genforum.genealogy.com/rosa/ too.

    ¡Buena suerte!

  3. Juliet


    My grandfather is from the Canary Islands, but our surname ends with an “s”, his Joseph Rosas, they moved to Houston, TX in the 1940s. Originally from somewhere in the west of Spain.

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    Thanks for your post. I guess it’s a pretty popular Hispanic name.

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