Rally El Corte Inglés

The Rally El Corte Inglés is the biggest car rally held in Gran Canaria. Every year there are many people, both visitors and Canarians, who watch this rally, where domestic and international competitors battle it out across Gran Canaria for their chance to win the Corte Inglés Rally Trophy.


The course has 8 different stages, including those around San Mateo, Telde, San Mateo, Vallesco, Teror and Llanos de la Pez. Some of the stages have difficult mountainous terrain.

Over 100 teams take part in this rally, which is held in April every year. It is free to watch and this year will take place from 17th to 19th April. This year’s rally is Gran Canaria’s 32nd.


The first part of the rally will be international and the second part will be regional. With over 300 miles of track and 12 different timed sections, the Rally Corte Inglés 2008 is going to be exciting. If you happen to be over on holiday then, try to see some of it (and if you manage to get some photos can you send them to me!!)


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