AquaSol Apartments Gran Canaria

The Aquasol Apartments in Puerto Rico are right at the top of the hills so bear in mind you’ll at least need to fork out for a taxi on the way back up unless you are superfit! Being that high up does have its advantages because you will be able to see over the whole of Puerto Rico.




The accommodation is cheap and cheerful so if you’re just looking for somewhere to lay your head these apartments are basic but sound. There is a pool bar and a Netto supermarket nearby.



  1. Randi

    AquaSol is a lovely place, but too far from “everything”. You need a taxi wherever you want to go. Stayed at Jacaranda two years ago and sometimes I wait an hour for a taxi downhills.

    If you want to stay in the apartment or just hike in the mountain, this place are OK. Beautiful view.

    Better some years ago with public transport up and down.

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    That’s a good point. I’ve never stayed (or lived) on that side of Puerto Rico. I live quite high up on the other side (near the Europa Centre) so I can walk down in 20 minutes, then it’s easy to find a taxi up. I guess AquaSol is better if you’re physically fit and don’t mind a bit of a trek if the taxis don’t seem to be abundant!

  3. Randi

    If you live near the Europa Centre you can use public transport or easily find a taxi.

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    True. I’m sure there are some hardy Norwegians with their Nordic walking sticks who would be up for the challenge though!


    We are AQUASOL!!
    You don’t know how much energy they gives to us to work hard and improving every day the complex!!
    In fact we closed in june 2009 (two months ago) and doid a very importan changes at AQUASOL!!!
    More security in the apartments, in the complex, the two swimming pools have been redone completely and heated for the winter; the apartment inside changed the tapestry and the locks !!the pool bar now has two chillout areas!
    we fenced all over the complex to be safer; we change the entrance door and install a digital aproximation security lock; we changed the solarium and entrance floors!
    We have brabd new 19″ plasma TV with TDT and satelite; we have new umbrella and tables in the swimming pool area; we embellished the common areas with mosaics all over!! and more!!!
    so if you want and see the new AQUASOL come and bring your friens!!
    We will be very pleased!!
    and see pictures!!!
    best regards to you all!!!

  6. elaine maclean

    i am going here on the 29/12/09 is there going to be new year party

  7. Victoria

    It’s only a 20 minute walk down to the shopping center, Elaine, so you might want to check out what’s happening down there. Aquasol have a DJ in the pool area so there might be a good atmosphere there too.

    You can have a look at nearer the time to see if they’ve arranged a party, else just decide what to do when you arrive. New Year is usually a lot of fun in Gran Canaria whatever you end up doing 🙂


  8. elaine maclean

    is it possible that we have an apartment on th 5th floor

  9. Victoria

    Elaine, I am not sure I’m afraid. I suggest you look at the Aquasol website:

    Maybe you can find some more info there or send them an email requesting the fifth floor if you want it.


  10. property for sale

    The apatments are situated at the top of cardiac hill, the views are unbeatable and a fantastic pool area to sunbath.The peaceful surrounds, familial atmosphere and proximity to a range of leisure options make this the ideal stopover point for those wishing to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

  11. Victoria (Post author)

    Cardiac Hill! Lol. I certainly wouldn’t climb up there in the height of summer!

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