Getting Married in Gran Canaria

The prospect of getting married in Gran Canaria under the warm sun with beautiful scenery is very tempting but there are a few things you need to know before deciding whether a wedding in Gran Canaria is for you.


Weddings can be very stressful and there is so much to think about – flowers, a wedding cake, what type of ceremony you want, the legalities etc – which is why it’s nice there are a few companies specializing in weddings in Gran Canaria who can sort out every last detail for you.

Photo by Sifu Renka

Photo by Sifu Renka

You already have more to think about if you want to get married abroad, including flights and accommodation. You might also have to pay to fly some of your wedding guests out so that’s something to consider! There are pros and cons to marrying at home or abroad but if you want something different and a wedding/honeymoon rolled into one, Gran Canaria could be the perfect option.

Reasons to Marry in Gran Canaria

Fewer people than ever are typing the knot these days but more people are choosing to marry overseas somewhere romantic and warm. Overseas weddings tend to be cheaper than UK weddings too, when you take everything into account.

Photo by Szeke

Photo by Szeke

Gran Canaria is one of the few short haul destinations which offers pretty much guaranteed good weather, even in the winter months, so you don’t have to go long haul to get married in the warm. Also, if you get married in the Caribbean or somewhere like that, a lot of your relatives won’t be able to afford to join you, which is why Gran Canaria is a great choice.

Necessary Documents

You might need some or all of the following, but a Canarian wedding organiser will be able to inform you:

  • Original (long) birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate of residence (empadronamiento – or local electoral register)
  • Certificate of consular inscription – a letter verifying personal data, available from the British Embassy or Consulate
  • Certificate of no impediment to marriage – you can get this from a British Consulate after notice of marriage has been posted on the consular notice board for at least 21 days
  • Proof that both parties are single – get a form from a Civil Registry in the UK
  • Original death certificate of deceased partner (if applicable)
  • Original divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Marriage application form – get one from the District Court or the Civil Registry
  • Baptismal certificate (if you want a Catholic marriage)
Photo by Winged Photography

Photo by Winged Photography

What is the Next Step?

There are several companies located in the Canaries who can sort out your whole wedding and give you all the advice you need. These wedding companies know all the essential ins and outs of getting married overseas.

I cannot recommend one company in particular because I have never been married in Gran Canaria (or anywhere else!) or had any firsthand experience with any of the wedding companies, so I suggest you scroll down to the comments section and make up your own mind, going by the comments.


If you just want a wedding blessing in Gran Canaria rather than a legal wedding, you can arrange a romantic day out on a boat or contact one of the wedding companies if you have something special in mind.



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  2. Pat

    Hi, I would like to get married in civil ceremony in gran canaria. No party just ceremony, how much does it cost and what is required? Thank you.

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  4. Simon

    me and my fiance are thinking about getting married in Puerto Rico and would apprciate any info.
    Are ceremonies legal in the uk?

  5. Sarah

    Hi Pat, the cost of the ceremony will vary somewhat depending where you want to do the ceremony, and there are a lot of options for you here in Gran Canaria.

    Simon, some ceremonies are legally recognised in the UK but not all, it would depend which you opt for.

    If you could both drop me an email to [email protected]
    I will go over your requirements with you and we can take it from there

    Many thanks, Sarah

  6. Tanya Blackford

    Myself and my husband are looking to renew our vows there will only be the two of us plus our son we are looking at June

  7. Sarah

    Hi Tanya,

    If you drop me an email to [email protected]
    I will go over the details with you and we can take it from there

    Many thanks, Sarah

  8. adrianne

    we are looking at renewing our vows in 2015 for our 25th anniversary could you please advise on cost we only want a small service on the beach drinks and a meal for about 10-15 people
    many thanks

  9. Sam hopkins

    Although it was a long process my husband & I were the first couple to be married legally in Gran do have to have residency, if you own a property there you’re intitled to residenicia..there is a lot of paperwork involved but it was sooo worth it! And it’s a legal marriage in the UK

  10. chloe

    hi sara im booked up for gran canaria this september and i want to get married to my partner while we are there but i keep reading that one of us has to live there in order to do this can you please email me all the information i need to know in order to do so. we dont want a big wedding just as simple as possible thank you

  11. Sarah

    Hi Chloe, If you can drop me an email to [email protected] I can get back to you with all the relevant details … I don’t see an email address for you on here so can’t mail you direct.
    Kind regards

  12. maureen

    hi my partner and I holiday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria every year, we would love to get married here, could you tell me if this is possible and how much would it cost, it would be just the two of us
    Thank You

  13. Michael

    I got married in Gran Canaria but my bride informed me of a local law that required her to be taken by three large men of African descent on the wedding night. Naturally, as law abiding citizens we obeyed this vigorously.

  14. Stacey

    Hi, we fly out to taurito next June and were thinking about getting married while we are there. Can you please email me and let me know if this is possible and how much it will cost. Don’t want a party as we will have one when back in the uk with family and friends.

    Look forward to ur return email

  15. nicola

    Hi me and my partner want to get married while we are on holiday in gran canary but want information would we need and how much would it cost we only want something fast and small .

  16. Lisa Robertson.

    Hi. Myself and my partner want to get married in gc. I have been trying to find out information. But not sure if all the info I am reading is up to date. Does anyone know the facts I need and costs. Just wanting the legal marriage. No party as this is our second marriage. Thank you.

  17. Lesley Richards

    Good Morning

    My partner and I. are looking at getting married in Gran Canary.

    I am divorced but my partner never been married.

    is this a easy process to do?

    Can we book it with a local travel agent??



  18. chez

    My partner and I.
    are looking at getting married in Gran Canary.
    How do we go about our special day….
    Thank you

  19. Vanessa

    I am from Australia and my partner is from the USA. We would like to get legally married in Los Palmas. A simple ceremony is all we need. We are both divorced. Is it possible and will it be legally recognized in both our home countries?

  20. Vanessa

    It would appear that Sarah is an ignorant bitch. Can you please answer the fucking questions you are being asked?

  21. michelle west

    Hi , My partner and I are planning to get married in Gran Canaria in November of this year. It will be very small just us 2 and a few guests. Please can you advise me on what documents we need. We would want a service that is legally recognised in the uk.

  22. Laura

    Has anyone managed to have a wedding blessing in gran canaria? Can’t find any info and desperately trying to find some :/

  23. julie jones

    hi.l can anyone tell me if you get married in the canaries, if it is legal in the uk? i asked about Lanzarote and its not legal in the uk. is this just in lanzarote? or every part of the canaries. looking to get married there in october 2017. thanks

  24. Lorraine

    Hi I’m looking to renew our vows in March 2017 in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria, nothing big just to renew our vows can you advise on what to do? Thanks

  25. Joanna Bennett

    Hi there
    My husband and I are travelling to Gran Canaria in September and we would love to renew our vows whilst we are there, just the two of us. Could you possibly suggest the best way of going about this. We are staying in The Marina Suites at the Harbour in Puerto Rico and I remember Mogan being beautiful last time we went but very open to ideas, just something romantic 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

  26. Lisa daniels


    Me and my partner would like to marry on the beach, no party just ceremony for the two of us. I would like to know the cost roughly and how to go about this.

    Thank you Lisa

  27. Andrew James Pennock

    How many food courses is it usual to have at a wedding reception in Gran Canaria?

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