Dia de San Juan (St John’s Day)

This festival takes place in late June and celebrates the history of Las Palmas. You can see plenty of local festivities and rituals, together with sporting events, open-air concerts and theatrical performances. There are also food stalls so you can sample some Canarian cooking. At the end of this festival, there are firework displays and bonfires at various places around the island.


Photos of Fireworks on Las Canteras Beach by Rol1000

The main festival is on 24 June and it commemorates the foundation of the city of Las Palmas. Las Palmas has 530 years of history and used to be a military camp. El Real de Las Palmas was the first ultramarine urbal settlement in Europe. El Real de Las Palmas was founded on 24 June 1478 by Juan Rejón, who was the head of the Castilian army, and became a flourishing town after a war with the Guanches, who were the native aboriginal Canarians.

Juan Rejon Gargoyle
Photo by EagleStein


The festivities take place all over Gran Canaria but the main event is on June 24. You can see the fireworks from just about anywhere. It’s best in Las Palmas because that’s where most of the celebrations happen and where you will get free admission to a variety of open air concerts and street parties but Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan, Playa del Inglés and other major towns have bonfires, fireworks and entertainment too.


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