Valleseco is an attractive area north of the center of Gran Canaria. “Valle” is valley and “seco” is dry but there isn’t much about this green part of the island which can be called dry. There are hiking trails in Valleseco and you can drive around enjoying the view as well. You can find out about the seven main hiking trails at this link and plan your week’s walking.


Canarian Mountains by Azuaje

You might like to base yourself in a rural guesthouse (or the hostel) in Valleseco if you want, rather than staying in a busy hotel in the south. Some people do prefer that kind of tranquility. You can always head south for a night (or day) out if you want to. The island isn’t that big!

80% of Vallesco is protected by land conservation law and it is really unspoilt. There are (or there were, at the last count!) seven restaurant/bars in Valleseco, catering for most palates, especially those keen to try some Canarian cooking in pleasant surroundings.

Valleseco by Rafael Gomez

Local Artisans


Perhaps you are interested in what the local artisans have to offer, and that includes traditional Canary Island costumes, sculpted stone, ceramics, woven baskets, leather and wood crafts and carpentry.


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