Canary Islands Rural Tourism

More and more people want to “get away from it all” when they come on holiday. And that doesn’t mean lying by a pool where kids are dive-bombing in, splashing you every 10 seconds, babies are screaming and people are shouting at each other. It doesn’t mean walking down the busiest tourist street on the island, hearing “you want dinner here?” or “buy a camera, only 10 euros” or “looky looky sunglasses” every minute or so. Actually those things can be fun and remind you that you are actually on holiday but what about if you could still enjoy the sun and still enjoy what the island has to offer but be even more away from it?


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The answer is Canary Islands rural tourism. How about renting a private rural villa somewhere inland? Most rural accomodation comes with a swimming pool and BBQ grill. You might have to pay 50 euros a day for the accommodation but split that between 6 of you (rural villas tend to be big!) and it’s the same price as a 4 star hotel. You just get the peace, quiet and privacy.

If you prefer something 4 or 5 star, have a look at for a few ideas.

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Hiring a Car 

If you want to opt for rural tourism in Gran Canaria, you will need a vehicle. Hire car rates are quite low at the moment so for another 100 euros a week (for a basic model) you have it all! If you’re staying somewhere well off the beaten track you might need a 4×4 which might be double the price but it’s still cheap if you split the cost. Not only will you be able to get around and visit various bars and shops but you can explore the whole island in it. You can visit Puerto Rico or Amadores Beach for the sand and sea one day and Las Palmas for some shopping another day.


If you want something more peaceful this year, maybe you should consider rural tourism in Gran Canaria. There are plenty of accommodation types and locations to choose from!


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