Gran Canaria Space Camp

Gran Canaria has had strong links with space ever since a tracking station was constructed in 1960. This European Space Agency tracking station cemented Gran Canaria’s strong links with the United States and was used in various missions including some of the Apollo space missions.


Photo By PingNews

There are more than 20 powerful telescopes at this facility and the exceptional quality of the Canarian sky is legally protected.

There are new plans to construct a theme park in the area where the satellite is to let you experience being an astronaut for a day! Future plans for this area, near Maspalomas in the south, include space camps.

Photo By WoodleyWonderWorks

The theme park will hopefully be finished and open for business by the end of 2008.

German, British and Russian entrepreneurs hope to remind people about the island’s strong links with space exploration and knowledge.


So now, if camel riding, fishing and shopping don’t excite you, you can find out what it’s like to be an astronaut!


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