Gran Canaria Internet

The internet in Gran Canaria might not be what you’re used to. The maximum speed outside Las Palmas is about 3 Mbps, although some places can only reach 1 Mbps and others aren’t even in an ADSL area. Take Tauro for example. When I first moved to Gran Canaria, I had to wait months (yes, months) to get my internet set up. I ordered the ADSL box and had to wait at home for it to be delivererd. Which took a long, long time.


Tauro was a nightmare too. First of all, I was informed that it wasn’t possible to get any more ADSL in Tauro, so I had a cable running out of my window to my neighbour 3 days up!

That came to an abrupt end when he decided to sell the computer along with (my) ADSL cable. To cut a long story short, it isn’t too difficult to get internet but try to find an apartment with an existing internet connection if possible. It will certainly make things easier!

Main ISPs

The main providers are Telefonica, Orange and, which doesn’t sound like many if you’re used to the wide range of cheap providers and great deals in the UK. Telefonica is Gran Canaria’s equivalent to BT. It isn’t the cheapest provider but most businesses use it for their internet.

Orange has only been an ISP in the Canaries for the past 5 years and service-wise they’re similar to Telefonica. have good introductory offers but they aren’t available all over the island. Ikea sometimes have deals too.

With and Orange, you can connect online. With Telefonica, you need to call them but they speak English if your Spanish is not up to scratch.

Mobile Internet

Another option is mobile internet and you can get that from Vodafone or Movistar. I used to use a Vodafone dongle which cost 40 euros a month and was incredibly slow, but at least it worked anywhere there was a Vodafone signal, unlike wifi for instance (and there isn’t much wifi in Gran Canaria).

Photo by Theo R

Internet Cafes


Internet cafes cost a euro an hour outside the resorts and up to 4 euros an hour within them. If you are moving to Gran Canaria, try to get somewhere with an existing ADSL, or at least a phone line. Else you could be delayed for months trying to get the internet and for freelance writers like myself, that is a disaster.



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  2. Philip

    This post is so out of date – we have 300mbs – yes 300 mbs fibre optic in Playa del Inglés since last year. It’s fabulous and better than anything available in the UK.

    It’s Movistar Fusion and we pay €59 month, fixed line, internet, mobile phone, TV.

  3. Alex

    Hi Phillip.

    Im looking for best location in canarys with 300mbs internet beautiful beach kite surfing poker organic food and bargin for a property and recomendations?

    [email protected] from the UK

    Appreciate any advise thanks


  4. Lucía

    I live in Puerto Rico, up on the hill and my Internet works perfectly.
    There is a new company called Wifi4all ( They were very quick to install the equipment at home and the connection is excellent.
    Wifi4all also has several beaches hotspot where I can also connect via wifi (Amadores, Puerto Rico and Mogan)

  5. Jes

    We use Canarias Smart internet servicies just for time we need, great service,

  6. Brian Whitford

    I need good internet speeds for business reasons. Anywhere affordable in the Canaries will do. Any help is appreciated. Brian Whitford.

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