Oil Drilling Off Gran Canaria Coast

Perhaps you saw this article in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago:



claiming that oil is going to be drilled for a mere 40 miles off the coastline. So, is this true and, if so, how will it impact Gran Canaria tourists?

Many Canarian business owners are protesting, fearing that this will impact on both tourism and the environment. Nearly 15,000 people demonstrated against the drilling in Parque Santa Catalina in Las Palmas, and a large banner read “Canaries say NO to Repsol”. An oil spill seems to be a risk the oil companies are willing to take and, after all, oil has to come from somewhere.

You want to fly to Gran Canaria or drive around once you’re there – where do you think the oil comes from? It has to come from somewhere and the Gran Canaria shoreline looks promising so why not there?


What is your opinion?


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