It’s December!

Well the weather is certainly in keeping with the season. For us residents it’s pretty cold! It was about 22 degrees C today which isn’t bad but it’s gone under 20 degrees C right now and with temperatures going down to 11 degrees C in the evenings… I miss my heater!


Photo by Pcesarperez

Tourist-wise, it’s Scandinavian season right now. I spoke to a few Germans and Irish on the fishing desk today but most tourists are from Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland and the average tourist age this month seems to be about seventy!

Christmas Dinner in Gran Canaria 2008

I am still trying to work out where to have Christmas dinner. We had a great meal last year at Bistro Frere but it closed down. I think I will send Mike out to buy a goose and we’ll try to make something spectacular in our mini oven! The electrics in this place are such that having more than one hob ring on and the oven/washing machine/PC/dehumidifier (one of those) the fusebox blows but… we’ll try!

If you are over here for Christmas 2008 you might like to check out some of the restaurants along the back of Amadores beach. El Cenador in Puerto Rico is good, as are Picasso (opposite the Europa Centre) and Oscars (Puerto Escala, Puerto Rico) but you have to book these in advance. Caracola in Mogan is excellent but expect to pay about 100 euros a head. La Paloma is in Puerto Rico – I haven’t eaten there but it looks quite nice.

Festive Pies and Pasties

Ma Baker’s cornish pasty shop in Puerto Escala are getting into the festive spirit with their pork and apple pasties, mince pies and Christmas cake! I don’t think they will open on Christmas day though.


Alternatively you can buy some turkey, cranberry sauce and bread from Spar and have a festive sandwich on the beach!



  1. Randi

    So; when I arrived I can reduce the average tourist age. Looking forward to that!!! I’m 58. lol

    El Cenador Grill is fantastic! Oscar is always great. Last December I had a delicious meal at La Paloma. Many years since I visited Picasso, but loved this restaurant in the 90-ties.

    May be I eat my Christmas dinner in Puerto de Mogan this year? Have to discuss it with myself.

    Have a nice Advent!

  2. Victoria

    Hooray!!! Us youngsters can rock the island Randi!!

    I’ve heard lots about El Cenador but never visited. I like Oscar’s. La Paloma is a restaurant I heard of recently but again I haven’t had the opportunity to visit it yet. Picasso is great now. I didn’t know it had been there so long. It’s one of these restaurants that has a TERRIBLE outside – faded blackboards, boring looking menu etc – but the inside is brilliant… attentive staff, beautiful food – the outside is what attracts people inside though so I wish they’d update their image. It is such a great place.

    You know, I never thought about Christmas dinner in Mogan. I am not too familiar with the restaurants there and I will probably be working in the harbour until 5PM so unless the ferries are runnign on Christmas day (are they?) I might be stranded!! Which restaurants do you think are good in Mogan, Randi?

    🙂 x

  3. Victoria

    By the way, Randi, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but my Swedish (I guess you’re Swedish becaused it didn’t look Danish?) is non-existant and I got a bit lost!! I wanted to say your photos are cool though and I like the latest picture on your website 🙂

  4. Randi

    Hi Victoria

    Yes, we can rock the island. (Same age, I assume.)
    You have to try El Cenador Grill. Had a fantastic meal last December (Sole waleska) and everything was perfect.

    Haven’t decided any restaurant in Mogan. Have only been there at daytime before. No, have been at Que Tal 6 years ago and it was a frustrating meal. Never went back… I will arrive at midnight the 10th, so I have the time for my decision.

    Thanks for the good words about my blog.
    By the way, Victoria – I AM NORWEGIAN, it’s an affront to call me Swedish. No, no – just joking.

    You can leave your comment in English. For English speaking friends I try to translate into English some of my posts.

    All for now. It’s already midnight in Norway.


  5. Victoria

    I’m 32 so I’ll forget the “same age” part if you forget the “Swedish” part 🙂

    I can’t work out how to leave comments in English because it is asking me (in Norwegian) to log into something I don’t have! Never mind, I can talk to you on here!

    I haven’t been to Qué Tal but I went to a terrible “faux Italian” in Mogán called “That’s Amore” and it was dreadful from the word go, right to the end and so expensive for such bad food (some never arrived!) and rude service. There are many restaurants I have not tried though.

    I highly recommend Picasso, especially if you haven’t been for a while. The service is so attentive and the food is wonderful.

    You must be one hour ahead of us. Sleep well and sweet dreams of coming out to the sun on 10th December!! 🙂

  6. Victoria

    I should’ve guessed you were Norwegian actually. Out of all the Scandinavians I chat to on the fishing desk, the Norwegians are the ones who speak the very best English – out of everybody (including a lot of the English)!

  7. Paul

    Hi! Randi, Victoria.

    I recommend the Mogan fish restaurant, on the back road in the Port.

    One attached to the side of the Cordial Hotel (that one is very expensive though)

    El Caldero overlooking the beach.

    And one which has just been refurbished on the portside, (on the walkway just before the lighthouse,) fantastic sitting there on the outside watching the fishermen get ready to go out, whilst looking back on the views of the port and beach.

    ENTERTAINMENT: In the new shopping centre (Plaza Mogan) DAVID SEARLE every Monday Thursday and Saturday. If you have never heard this Guy, ITS A MUST. He lets rip with the full range of his voice. You have got to go and hear him sing Nessun Dorma. You need to have dinner early as he starts at 8pm. He can sing anything and does requests as well. Basicaly he is a Bass Tenor.
    He does sing in Rossinis 3 nights per week also in aruiniguin, if you have heard him there, he only provides background music for the restaurant there.

    People who have heard him there. Have never heard the full range of his voice. To hear him in full You need to go and hear him at Plaza Mogan.
    he rocks the whole shopping centre with his opera and show songs.He is the very best entertainment in Playa Mogan. We are lucky to have him here.

  8. Randi

    Forget all about age and nationality. Age is just a number. Concerning nationality; I am Spanish in my heart. May be I’ll see you in the port in about 10 days…?

    What about Orillas del Mar? I have heard that the restaurant has good a good reputation? Have only been there at daytime.

    No doubt, I will visit Plaza Mogan and hear David Searle.

  9. Randi

    Just received SMS from a friend staying at Cordial Mogan Playa at the moment. She miss the sun, but praise me for telling her about David Searle. She went there last night and he was fantastic, she says.

  10. Paul

    I have never eaten there so can not say at all,
    but i will go and try it.

    So glad your friend had a good night on my recommendation, i was there myself as well.
    David is truly fantastic.And to think he is free as well.

  11. Paul

    Well its truly december now, a bit quiet at the moment with everybody getting ready to come here for xmas. Next week will be very busy.
    Even with the recession on at the moment, places are booked up here.
    And its also the season for people deciding to buy here as well, There are some great bargains to be had. 3 bed Duplexes going Playa Mogan area from only 200.000 euros (far below valuation price.)

    You can rent them as well also, if you can not get in anywhere else after xmas.Quite cheap rent as well from 380 euros per weeks holiday and dont worry about doing the drudge on holiday,dishwasher and washing machine included, basicaly truly home from home facilities in them.Very good price for Playa Mogan in these trying times for self catering holiday for 6 persons, actualy 63 euros per person per week. Now thats a a bargain!!! of these times.

    If you try them out before you buy, you get your holiday rent money back,
    There is going to be two on permanent holiday rent not for sale ever.
    The duplexes there are only 8 of them in small private complex.

  12. Ria

    hey all!

    Not sure if this is the right place to post questions but oh well!

    First of…ill be bringing down the average age alot!
    Im 21 and coming to the island with my soon to be (hopefully) Fiance whos 25! Im actually just beating him to it as I like to be different!

    We are coming out on the 27th and staying at the bluebay beach club for a week!

    Can you remcomend any nice restaurants for new years eve or nights out thats a bit romantic but wont make a huge hole in my purse!?

    Or are there any good places to see or go for fireworks or anything like that?

    Asnyways hope to hear from you soon.
    if oyu could reply to my email that would be great!


  13. Victoria (Post author)

    Hello Ria, the Bluebay Beach Club is in Bahia Feliz, near San Agustín, which is an area I haven’t lived for about 5 years!

    There is a commercial centre in San Agustín but I’m really not sure which restaurants are there now. I do know it will be mainly older Scandinavians in San Agustín and Bahia Feliz this time of year.

    I suggest you take a taxi into Playa del Inglés which is the main resort (costs about 3 euros). There are lots of nice restaurants there including El Gaucho (there is a post on here somewhere) in the Kasbah. The Yumbo centre is packed with restaurants and from there you can walk around the main part of Playa del Inglés and there is plenty going on.

    You will be able to see fireworks from anywhere on the island, don’t worry about that! Just look upwards, we are treated to about 5 different displays at once every year from the comfort of our terrace 🙂

    If I think of anything else in that area, I will let you know. I’ve been living in Puerto Rico (other side of the island) for a few years so I’m slightly out of touch with your side!!

    Hope you have a wonderful time and if you have any other questions just drop me a line!


  14. Randi

    Hi Victoria

    It is so nice to stay in Puerto de Mogan. Have been looking for you… I´m in Orillas del Mar almost every evening. Ask the waiter.

  15. Victoria

    Hi Randi, you are here already! I am quite busy over Christmas with work so you will need to make a trip to Puerto Rico! I work in Puerto Escala every day from 2pm until 6pm. Hope you are having a great time and hope you didn’t get so much wind today as we did in Puerto Rico!


  16. Paul



    And for the future EVERY SATURDAY AND


  17. Paul




  18. Victoria (Post author)

    I’m going to have to check this David Searle out myself – he seems to have a lot of fans!

  19. Randi

    OK, Victoria. We’ll see you in Plaza Mogan. I’ll be there Thursday and Saturday.

  20. Paul

    He is also at Rossinis in Arguiniguin. 3 nights per week.
    But there he can not let rip with the full power of his voice. as it is a restaurant. and he is just background music there.

    At the Plaza Mogan he can be heard all over the shopping centre.
    We have our very own Pavarotti here,
    he also sings in French, italian and Spanish as well as english.

  21. Steve

    Hi,I have some golf clients who vaguelly remember a restaurant in Arguineguin from 10 years ago call ‘Mer’ or ‘Mar’. It was run by an elderly Swedish lady, but she was apparently handing over the reins to her daughter. Does anyone know if this place still is in business and if so where it is? Thanks

  22. Randi

    May be La Mar? Restaurant La Mar is closed. The property was sold to The Norwegian Church Abroad. I can’t remember who run the restaurant.

    Some years ago I know there was a Swedish lady at the Restaurant Marino Chico (at C.C. Ancora). Her name was Marie. Her husband Carmelo was the owner of the restaurant.

    Hope this informations help you Steve.

  23. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Steve, welcome to the blog! Hello Randi, I hope you’re keeping well. Thanks for your helpful answer, Randi – I wouldn’t have known about this.

    All the best,


  24. Theresa Coe

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