Sioux City Gran Canaria

Sioux City, which was originally built in 1969 for $2 million, has been a popular theme park for both locals and tourists for many years. Don Alejandro del Castillo, who owned the land, made a deal with 20th Century Fox who used American designers to plan the area. Two years later, Sioux City Gran Canaria opened its doors as a Wild West theme park.


Sioux City - Photo by Bmfcker

Sioux City Cowboy - Photo by Bmfcker

Four years on, the park was used as the location to film “Take a High Ride”, a great Western film. Celebrities such as James Brown and Gloria Gaynor have sung at Sioux City and it is often used for themed parties and weddings.

Jail - Photo by Bmfcker

Sioux City Jail - Photo by Bmfcker

Sioux City is open every day except Monday from 10am until 5pm. There is a special BBQ night on Fridays. Sioux City is ten minutes from Playa del Inglés in Cañon del Aguila, San Agustín, and you can see a Wild West village, dancing and sketches such as saloon fights and bank robberies. You can try horse riding and there is a restaurant and bar. There is also a reptile zoo there!


See the Sioux City website here: for more information.


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